Should I go or no-show?

Should I go or no-show?

Should I go or no-show?

A recent poll has shown that a serious threat of no-shows and low attendance has caused concern for the Event industry, leading to numerous postponements.

There is concern in the events industry in Wales and beyond, following a large number of high-profile major sporting & social event cancellations in response to the coronavirus (covid-19). The international trend has affected several local events with numerous awards dinners and scheduled business events needing to be rescheduled until later this year.

While governments all around the world are turning to drastic measures to reduce the impact of the coronavirus, such as lockdowns and curfews, these measures are yet to be enforced in the UK.

Dragonfly Creative devised a poll to ask Twitter followers if they would cancel attendance to any business events in light of the pandemic. Unsurprisingly the poll showed that 84.2% would cancel their attendance, which supports the decision of event organisers to delay the events until later in the year.

In the wake of these postponements, people from all around the UK have contributed to a large petition in which they are asking parliament to offer economic assistance to the events industry during COVID-19.

The petition soon received 110,600 signatures and is drastically increasing. The petition states "the UK events industry is facing an unprecedented challenge as a result of the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, and the events that have been cancelled as a result."

"The industry is worth more than £14 billion to the economy, with 25,000 businesses supporting over 500,000 employees—all of whom are nervous about whether their next event will go ahead or not, and how their income may be affected."

The petition can be found here